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Apr. 10th, 2012

First holiday with sweetheart :)

Hello my all time fan (Cindy tan), who is still sleeping now. I'm here to write don't say I didn't update my lj ya ;) ok, I just came back from Bkk and Indonesia.

Bkk is a tiring trip, I have been walking and walking for 4 days and now my knees is still aching but but but this is also the most enjoyable holiday that i had cause it's my first overseas trip with my cute gf since we get tgt. hahaha. This is our first but this won't be our last, we already plan to go hk next year correct? Don't forgot ok. We will work hard for that ya, agree? Hahaha. $ isn't a problem. Boss here don't need scare lah!! Hahaha. And I know you have been troubled about your personal stuffs but pls remember that I will always be here for you so don't try to push me away cause you're gonna fail!! Wahaha. I will be here helping you and going through everything with you sweetheart. I wont bear to see you like that so pls allows me to do something for you ho Bo ;)


Don't say I never put those photos that I look ugly ah :) for you, easy la!! ❤

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Mar. 12th, 2012

(no subject)

Hello everyone,

This is my crazy gf

But I love her for that :))

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Mar. 5th, 2012

Awesome weekends

Thump up for the weekends I swear. Bbq on Friday at yishun dam is super successful one with bb, tricia, yao jun and mei mei. Brought a some foods and have our own bbq pit. Grateful that my bb enjoyed in the end :))

USS on sat is woohoo, so proud of my baby cause she tried the roller coaster even though before we go there she said she didn't wanna take the ride but ended up she's tempted to try it :)

Sunday, went for rachel's ROM. A sweet one I would say. Have some Catch up with Cecilia and Shi jing :)

Photos will be uploaded soon so pls wait. Too tired to upload it.

Ok, time for me to work.


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Feb. 20th, 2012

Happy 24months and day 1

Hello baby, I know you keep wanting me to blog so yes, here I am :))

Life have been good with my baobei just that theres a lot of quarrel but after all it make us grow stronger in this rs. So darling, no worries la!!! Wahahaha.

For this occasion we have a simple steamboat on sat and stay over. I feel so sorry that our celebration is just so bored and sian whereas we are suppose to be at uss. Due to some issue it's have been postponed so darling, I will pu zhang you ok. Morning to supper all on me ok. Ice cream, tidbits or soft drink, anything other thing I Onz you k :) Zai Bo!! Hehee

Anw I love the present you give me but I keep feeling that its kinda too ex already :( but overall I appreciate/like it a lot. Thank you baobei :*

Hope you like all my present and surprise too ya.

I love you

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Jan. 9th, 2012

For what fuck

I think I need to reflect myself and my life :(

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